05 Aug Red Hot Rules for Shampooing

Welcome to Shampoo’s web-site and a super special welcome to the first ever Shampoo Blog Post! We’re very excited about the opportunity to interact with our Clients even when You’re not in our chair. Can you guess what we here at Shampoo picked as the subject of our first blog post? Hmm, if you provided high quality hair services at Shampoo what would be the subject of your first blog??? Yes, you guessed it, Shampooing! Follow along and learn some Red Hot Rules for fiercely fresh hair. HOW: The mechanics of an effective shampoo are pretty straight forward. Wet the hair, apply shampoo, lather-in and rinse thoroughly. Everyone knows this so how could the experience be improved? Are you plopping a dollop of product on the top of your head and rubbing it around? Mmm Hmm, I got you! Let’s start by spreading that product around on your scalp and the...

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