Red Hot Rules for Shampooing

Red Hot Rules for Shampooing

shampooWelcome to Shampoo’s web-site and a super special welcome to the first ever Shampoo Blog Post! We’re very excited about the opportunity to interact with our Clients even when You’re not in our chair. Can you guess what we here at Shampoo picked as the subject of our first blog post? Hmm, if you provided high quality hair services at Shampoo what would be the subject of your first blog??? Yes, you guessed it, Shampooing! Follow along and learn some Red Hot Rules for fiercely fresh hair.

HOW: The mechanics of an effective shampoo are pretty straight forward. Wet the hair, apply shampoo, lather-in and rinse thoroughly. Everyone knows this so how could the experience be improved? Are you plopping a dollop of product on the top of your head and rubbing it around? Mmm Hmm, I got you! Let’s start by spreading that product around on your scalp and the hair roots. Rub shampoo between your palms and run your hands between your hairs onto your scalp. Now how about a little massage action on that scalp?! C’mon, you deserve it. Not too firm or vigorously. You’re not scrubbing out the sink. Just spread that shampoo out while pressing fingertips onto scalp. Too much exuberance can stimulate sebum production and that’s an unwanted surplus that we will discuss in the When section. Once there’s a good lather, begin the “rinse thoroughly” portion. There is no need to pull shampoo through to your ends. The ends of your hair require conditioning far more than shampooing. I always tell clients to “rinse more than you think you need to.”

WHEN: Wash hair when it is dirty. There seem to be many interpretations of “dirty.” The teenage girl client often thinks “dirty” means any time they want to style their hair. Some of our male clients think “dirty” means every time they shower. And then there are our active clients that believe “dirty” means every time they sweat. Sweat alone does not make hair dirty. Dirt makes hair dirty. The dirt that adheres to your scalp and roots does so because of sebum. (Again with that strange word) Sebum and sweat are the two body fluids secreted from the scalp. (Unless you mess with my food, then a bright red body fluid might spring out yo head… just sayin’) Sebum is an oily substance secreted through skin to keep it lubricated. An excess of sebum is a major contributor to “oily” hair and acne. Dirt in the environment sticks to sebum. Sweat on the other hand is water. It has two trace elements that are a by-product of burning off protein and that’s it. 94% water. The lesson being, sebum needs to be shampooed away while sweat alone can be rinsed right out of your hair. When there’s an over production of sebum, clients often feel they need to shampoo more often. Frequency of shampooing is not the answer so much as using the correct type of shampoo.

WHAT: There are some important factors when choosing what product best suits your hairs shampoo needs. Do you know your hair type and texture? Is your hair oily, normal or dry; coarse, med or fine; curly, wavy or straight?  The variety of product in the market place is overwhelming. This is a reflection of the variety of hair types and clients ever changing needs. At Shampoo our goal is to educate our clients on their specific hair type and recommend products that will meet clients’ lifestyle needs as well as protect the services we provide. If we haven’t had this discussion with you yet, can’t wait for your next visit! Shampoo carries DevaCurl and Kenra professional hair care lines and if you are truly addicted to another professional hair care line we will do our best to get those products for You. In the event Channing Tatum wisks you off to an island paradise and you don’t have time to grab your professional shampoo (the only good reason not to use professional hair care products), then remember this; if you need moisture in your hair use a creamy shampoo and if your hair gets dirty and oily on that beach with tanning use a clear shampoo!

I hope you know a thing or two more about shampooing now. We cannot wait to help you with your shampooing needs here at Shampoo!

In good hair and good health,

Red Hot

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